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Hi! My name is Josh (and that's Duke) and we started Agriscape in March of 2020.

Purpose: Helping others create and care for their outdoor living spaces in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

In the Lawn: We strive to utilize organic and sustainable products whenever possible. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary chemical spraying and build healthy soil.

In the Landscape: Agriscape's goal is to combine the best of Colorado's native and drought-tolerant ornamental landscaping plants while integrating productive utility into our landscapes whenever possible.


It's never any fun maintaining a landscape that isn't giving back. 

You may be one who loves that nicely manicured lawn and landscape that greets you every time you pull into the driveway, but simply do not have the time to keep it up. Or maybe you are wanting a lower-maintenance front yard Xeric garden that invites pollinators and yields a harvest but don't know where to begin.

Give Agriscape a call to see if we can help!


Check out our Services Page and get familiar with the services we offer and general pricing.

Then fill out our Customized Estimate Form below to receive a detailed estimate within 24 hours.

Now Accepting New Weekly Mowing Clients | Call Before the RUSH for Best Pricing
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